My new Kicks + update

My new Kicks!

My new kicks arrived yesterday ^_^
I ordered me some new sneakers the basic Adidas Superstars white with black stripes on sunday evening and they arrived yesterday.

My mother said last week, i want you to buy something nice from me to you ^_^ and suddenly she transferred some money on my bank account and i was like...OH noes...that is too much but sooooo sweet of her.
Then i ask if i should buy these adidas that i wanted for some time and she said YES YOU SHOULD.
haha, so i did ^_^

Now i am extremely happy with them, not only did i get the shoes that i wanted for some time, i also gotten them as a super lovely gift from my mom :)

That is just too sweet of her ^_^

Since the new year had started i have been buying a lot of presents for my mother and putting them away for her birthday in april. Until now i have collected a lot of presents for her haha LOL
She knows this, because i am always too excited and say that i bought something for her.
(and more to come)

I must say i have been in a emotional mood lately and constantly saying to my mom how much i love her, because i really love her so much.
That i just stop and think... i really love my mother so much, i must say it more often to her.
(she likes that)

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