Hello hello, here am i with my latest instagram photo's :)

2 weeks ago my mother surprised me with a pretty nail polish from Burberry ^_^ 
I could not be happier with the color she had chosen, it is a nude pink color and I LOVE IT!

My new desk has been installed in my room :)

My new sweater "i's rather be sleeping" which has been true these last few weeks, i have been so tired lately....doing NOTHING :P 
I am trying to get my life a bit back together and just do stuff, because being so tired lately has not been good at all. >_<

A few weeks ago i dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow for the carnaval dancing party from my parents ^_^

If you want to see the full pictures, please do follow me on instagram, 
i am more active on instagram then on my blog lately.

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