Bijenkorf Fashion show

Today my mother and i went to our first fashion show.
It was really nice, but the clothes were not that interested, it was very colorful and very all over the place, lots of mix and match and i honestly do not like that at all.
It was like children were playing dress up with some of the outfits that were shown.
BUT the whole experience of a fashion show was really nice...makes me hunger for more fashion shows haha. *dreaming of a chanel fashion show*

The only nice thing i saw were these denim dungarees :P (i like dungaree's) I have 3 of them haha.

Here is Anouk Smulders, she was one of the models. I also liked her outfit.

We all got a Goodie bag:

- Chocolate 
- Valentino for women
- Valentino for men
- A scarf
- and a vogue magazine .



Hello hello, here am i with my latest instagram photo's :)

2 weeks ago my mother surprised me with a pretty nail polish from Burberry ^_^ 
I could not be happier with the color she had chosen, it is a nude pink color and I LOVE IT!

My new desk has been installed in my room :)

My new sweater "i's rather be sleeping" which has been true these last few weeks, i have been so tired lately....doing NOTHING :P 
I am trying to get my life a bit back together and just do stuff, because being so tired lately has not been good at all. >_<

A few weeks ago i dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow for the carnaval dancing party from my parents ^_^

If you want to see the full pictures, please do follow me on instagram, 
i am more active on instagram then on my blog lately.

New desk

I bought a new desk today yaaay!
That's it :P
LOL, when the desk has been build and set i will post some pictures ^_^

I wanted a new desk for quite some time now, because the desk that i have now is originally a big assed table.
But it is toooooo BIG for my room and i don't need such a big desk, so i taught..maby i need to look around for a new desk :) i did :P