Ici Paris review gift

I won a gift!

:-D Omg, i just won a very lovely gift from the online store Ici Paris XL

Yesterday i got an email saying that i won a beauty price from Ici Paris XL, because i left them a review of my purchase a few weeks ago (you know the gifts that i bought for my mother)
and they asked me if i could confirm my address so they could send me a gift! ^_^

Just an hour ago i already received the gift!
They gave me a set Coca Cola lip smackers :)
People who know me, know that i LOVE LOVE LOVE lip smackers :)
They always smell soooooo DELICIOUS!!!!!

I am so happy that i won these lip smackers, they are LOVELY! 
In the cola can you have a 
regular Coca Cola lip smacker,
Coca Cola vanille lipsmacker 
and Coca Cola Cherry lipsmacker.
I love the cherry one the best, because in almost everything i love cherries the best haha, 
smells so good! 
*sniff sniff...mmmm*

Thank you so much Ici Paris XL that i won these, i am very happy with them!!

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