Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts ^_^

Oh dear, Mr & Mrs Claus have been spoiling me soooooooooooo much this christmas.

I am so happy, thankful and just speechless for these awesome gifts!
<3 much="" p="" so="" thank="" you="">
I have an 
- iPhone 6s Plus Rose Gold,
- Awesome cute clothes: christmas cardigan, disney princess sweater, longer black cardigan,
Kawaii toast pajamas, fluffy bathrope thumper from Bambi ^_^ Bambi t-shirt, fluffy socks, another fluffy bunny socks and winter christmassy socks.
- Ugg Alena slippers (these are sooooo comfy)

Am i spoiled or what?
I am soooooo happy with all, and also very touched for these awesome gifts.
I would have been happy with nothing, but my parents just wanted to spoil me really good this year ^_^
Really have the sweetest parents in the world!

My mother secretly ordered the ugg slippers that i had my eye on. (so sweet of her)

Today my father and i went to the store to buy the iPhone and after that we went to the mobile provider to get a smaller sim cart (nano).
On the ride back he surprised me with going to the KFC to get a crunchy crisp burger ^_^
(me likes kentucky fried chicken really much LOL, especially that good)
I'm still stuffed from it LOL.

I really love my parents, they are the best.

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