Sony Foto & Video Experience 2015

Sony Foto & Video Experience 2015

Today was the 2015 Sony experience day at the Big Cruise ship in Rotterdam.
The last 3 years my father and i went to those days and they are always fun ^_^

You get to follow different Photography workshops and they always have people, animals, things or just the place were the day is at that you can take photo's of.

This time it was at the SS Rotterdam (a big ass cruise ship that is at the harbor in Rotterdam)

We followed a workshop about nature photography, which was very useful and the guy who gave the workshop has made the most beautiful photographs around the world.
Very inspiring ^_^

We also applied for another workshop (still life, product photography) but the guy who gave that workshop i don't know what his deal was. Or it was his first workshop, or he wasn't feeling like it...or it wasn't his day...i dunno but the workshop didn't happen :(
Which was sad, because i really wanted to follow that workshop and maby learn a few things more.

Anyway, i took only a few photo's with my fathers newest compact camera.
(which is a very nice camera i might say Type: DSC-HX50V)
He brought his other camera a Sony SLR,  i really wanted to play with my fathers new camera ^_^
+ i didn't have to feel awkward walking with my own Canon SLR on a Sony event :P

Ugh...just let me sleeeeeep :P

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