Gift for my mom

Gift for my Mom

I ordered a few gifts for my reason specifically, only that i like to give her presents :)

I ordered the new perfume from Marc jacobs 'Decadence'
The bottle itself is a purse which makes it awesome :P
and it smells amazing.
(2 weeks ago i tried the perfume in the store, so i knew the sense was amazing)
and they now had an 20% off deal and a free Marc Jacobs keychain.

I found a coupon code with extra % off when you bought more, so i thought i would take a look and ordered also a chanel lipstick and coco mademoiselle body mist (a real light body perfume) for my mom.
With the extra coupon the price went down much more and when i looked into the shopping basket, the webstore added another free gift to it "a plush bear" LOL
apparently because i went over a specific amount.

So my mom is expecting a lot of gifts next week ^_^
(i think it will arrive in 1 or 2 days)

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