I won another Figma Figure on eBay for 11 dollars ^_^
and she is SOW CUTE!


I also won a statue from Yoshino ^_^ for 13 dollars :)

I am happy about it.....but.....

last week my 2 Sword art Online figures came in and they turned out to be fake once's.
I believe they are called counterfeit's?! Bootlegs?!

I am so bummed about this. I kind off knew it already when i bought them, because the 2 figures were not so expensive as the real once's.
But both figures had such good feedback from the seller that i thought, well they might be great quality....which they are NOT.

The Figma Kirito figure i received has 2 right legs...which means he has 2 of the same legs, his neck has been broken of and his body is really loose :(

Stupid people who make fake figures.

I am just hoping that the Figures i am expecting from Ebay are not fake Figma's! T_T

Otherwise i need to contact the seller, because they are selling them as real Figma figures!

Thank god i know for sure that Figma figure LINK is a real Figma, because i ordered him from
I am wondering when he will arrive here :)

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