Figma Diorama

Figma diorama made out of lego

I just had an amazing idea last weekend, i have been searching on how to make a diorama (room scene) for my figures and when i was looking i only could find wooden diorama's.
The thing is, i really wasn't in the mood in creating one out of wood...too lazy for that >_<

Then i thought, well....why not make one out of lego if i have enough of the same color bricks ^_^

I must admit...GREATEST IDEA EVER!!! LoL


The walls, bed, desk, tv table are made from lego,
the Rocker chair and cabinet in the back are not.

I am really proud and pleased with the outcome ^_^ If only i had enough Tile bricks for the floor...but i didn't had enough of the same color >_<
Maby someday i will buy them :)

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