Figma 252 Rin Shibuya

Figma 252 Rin Shibuya

The day has finally arrived, please take a look at this silly trailer video i made:

>_< haha i know, it is silly but i thought it was funny…welcome to my humor :P

I recently received Figma figure 252 Rin Shibuya: 

The Figma figures includes 3 types of facial expressions:
  • singing / happy face
  • embarrassed face
  • and a numb expressionless face

a lot of different hands and extra arms (so it looks likes she has her hands in her cardigan pockets).

She also comes with her dog Hanako, school bag and  a phone with earphones.

This Figma Figures comes from Big bad toy store.

They offer a lot of Figma figures, 1/6 hot toys, Disney collectibles, Barbie and many many
more figures from all kinds of brands.
Big bad toy store also offers a variety in Anime, Statues, Movies, Music, Video games.
They also offer a lot of apparel.

The figure was shipped on 21-10-2015 and it arrived at my place on 31-10-2015 which is super fast.

I think it could have arrived 2 days faster, because the Dutch Customs hold on the package for 2 days and i needed to pay a lot of taxes over it >_< that is something that i didn't like.
Stupid dutch customs :(

I am very happy with my newest figure, she is really cute ^_^

Big Bad Toy Store is an heavenly awesome online store for collectors like me ^_^

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