Figma figure stuff ^_^

Lookie look what i ordered from Japan:

Figma Link figure, Figma Classroom and a vending machine with capsules :)
Ohhhh i can NOT wait until it arrives here!

I wanted this Link for so long now and Max Factory (creators of the Figma figures) made this Link figure again and was available for purchase again :)
I am so happy, i hope he will arrive soon ^_^

Soon i will have a Chibi version of Link and the normal version of Link.
I love the character of Zelda so much.
Alltho i don't play any games anymore (too much other stuff to do)
 i always liked Link character so much.
I remember when i first played Zelda on my Nintendo64, i just could NOT stop and i got so into the game that i wrote notes on some paper, the buttons i had to push when i needed to play the Ocorina of time :) 
I also had a poster with a map of Hyrule :P 
(i think i don't have that anymore)

Ok, bye! (lol)

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