Are you scared??
lol, i was practicing my Halloween make up for an upcoming halloween party :)
I'm going as an Zombie (ish) lolita maid.

Why i have chosen for a maid outfit is because i will be helping at the halloween party.
(taking photo's, serving snacks and just helping out where i can)
+ the fact that  i LOVE LOVE LOVE to dress up, be totally something else and transform me into something scary ^_^ haha.

Couple of weeks ago i bought some FX wax for creating fake scars and after a few tries i finally managed to make the scar look a bit realistic.
(at least i think it looks a bit real)

I am just hoping that the make up look also turns out the way i want on the day of the halloween party and if it does i will take pictures also of the whole look ^_^

My mother is going as a female devil and my father said i could make an FX scar on his face ^_^
(really hope that i am able to make it look awesome and real)

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