Biker Jacket, Wigs and Lego.

I made a BJD biker jacket yesterday ^_^

I really like working with this type of faux leather fabric. 
My mother bought this fabric a couple of weeks ago and since then i have gotten lots of inspiration of what to do with it ^_^
Also this jacket is for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Last week i went to a hobby / lego / dolls / miniatures festival convention type of thing,
it was lovely, but very small.
I thought it would be much bigger :/ 
That doesn't mean it wasn't nice, it was nice because i bought some doll wigs that fits some of my ball jointed dolls.

Look how cute Molly looks with her little curls ^_^

There were also a few stands that you could buy lego, i bought one minifigure of the new serie (serie14) that i really wanted.
(the cheerleader zombie)

This is my current Lego halloween set up :)

I like it ^_^

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