"This is Halloween, this is halloween...halloween halloween halloween"

Last sunday my parents had their Halloween party and it was a SUCCES!
We didn't expect that people would come dressed in costumes or anything and most of the people did dressed up in costumes and so.
Which was super nice, because we didn't expect it at all ^_^

The evening itself was nice, we decorated the place with a few halloween decorations and it looked scary enough :P

Here is a picture of my mother the pretty Devil and i the zombie maid :)

UGLY hahaha but scary right?!

School uniform

I made a different school uniform :)
Available in my Etsy shop

Asuna school uniform

I made Asuna's school uniform from Sword art online ^_^

Available in my Etsy Shop :)


Are you scared??
lol, i was practicing my Halloween make up for an upcoming halloween party :)
I'm going as an Zombie (ish) lolita maid.

Why i have chosen for a maid outfit is because i will be helping at the halloween party.
(taking photo's, serving snacks and just helping out where i can)
+ the fact that  i LOVE LOVE LOVE to dress up, be totally something else and transform me into something scary ^_^ haha.

Couple of weeks ago i bought some FX wax for creating fake scars and after a few tries i finally managed to make the scar look a bit realistic.
(at least i think it looks a bit real)

I am just hoping that the make up look also turns out the way i want on the day of the halloween party and if it does i will take pictures also of the whole look ^_^

My mother is going as a female devil and my father said i could make an FX scar on his face ^_^
(really hope that i am able to make it look awesome and real)

Christmas dress & Fashionable outfit

I made 2 new clothing sets for 1/3 sized ball jointed dolls.
Both are for sale in my Etsy Shop.

A red Christmassy dress with Jingle bells.
If you want, the Jingle bells are removable, so you will have a plain red lolita dress, or a valentine dress when Christmas is over ^_^

and i made this fashionable clothing set.
Shoulder off sweater and faux leather pants.

Sword art online :)

Oh men, i am really into Sword art online, because i have spend my whole Sunday afternoon
+ part  evening watching Sword art online.

AND NOW I AM SAD,  i watched up to episode 15.
It is such an awesome anime, romantic, exciting but also sad at this part :(
I just had to stop watching haha, i have seen 11 episodes today >_<

I needed to write this down, because it is really such an awesome anime series, can not wait to watch all episodes ^_^

Sword Art Online

Oh men, i just started watching this anime series 'Sword art online' and I LOVE IT!
It looks a lot like the game i used to play 'world of warcraft'
(yep, i were that kind of geek, who played 'wow' for some time)

Anywho, the funny thing is that i ordered some new action figures and the 2 character i  liked so much are from sword art online and now i am super happy that i also like to watch it ^_^
(i didn't watch the serie before i ordered the figures)

I just like anime characters but i didn't watch anime that often, i watched anime movies / series, but wasn't really into the movie or series i had seen so far.
The only one i really liked (and still like) is K-ON! and now i have another one discovered and i am very happy about that!

So now i am extra happy that i ordered two new action figures and that they are from a serie that i also like to watch ^_^

Oké, on to the figures that i ordered.
I wanted another male Figma figure, because most of the time i think that the female figures are so much more KAWAII or prettier, but when i saw this following figure....i was sold...such a cute boy figure.
He is one of the main characters of Sword art Online ^_^

'Kirito' is his name:

and when i was looking into the store i saw a cute nendoroid figure 
(i think that almost every Nendoroid figure is really cute)

A little girl fairy in a cage. Later on i figured that she is also from the same anime series.
Her name is 'Asuna':

How can i resist such cute little fairy figure????!!!

Alright, what i am about to write now...is very ashamed...at least i feel kind off guilty but very happy about it.
I bought two more Figma figures >_<
Last week i were on Ebay and saw that they were offering different Figma figures that you could bid on, starting from 1USD or something.
So i thought...well..i...MUST.....BID...but i placed a bid very low, because i don't trust them to be real Figma figures...the seller comes from china and almost every fake thing comes from china...

So i thought i will bid like super cheap and see what happens.
Many items i got bid over except 2 things that placed a bid on the end. 
(when the time of the bidding is almost over, i placed a bid)

I WON haha teehee...i won like 2 of the figures for really cheap...i mean...really cheap.
For the 2 figures i paid almost €17,- together with free shipping.
That is €8,50 per figure O_O

I did not expect them to win :)

So, you see that my trust in them being real Figma figures is really low...but we'll see...
maby they are real...
and if they are not, that is also fine by me, but let's pray that the quality of them will be super and not that if i 'play' with them the legs fall off or something >_<

Here are the 2 figures i won:

Cute school girl
Takamachi Nanoha from Mahou Shaoujo Lyrical Nonaha:

Ein van Phantom Requiem of the Phantom

haha LOL, so i am about to expect a lot of new figures these following weeks.
Remember Link Figma, the classroom set and the Vending machine?
and now 2 figures of sword art online and the above 2 figures >_<

I am ashamed that i bought sooooooo MANY...but the last two...i did not expect to win them on Ebay for so cheap. teehee.

BUT to give myself a better feeling about buying to much this month...
next month will be a NO buying month... except  the important stuff that i have to pay every month.
No buying stuff for myself.
I have done that in the past and sometimes it works really good that the following month also were a no buy month.
Maby it will feels so good that december will be a no buy month as well...i hope so...

I always feel so guilty when i buy things for myself, i don't need anything.....there are certain things that really makes me happy when i have them...and when i look around in my room...everything makes me really happy.
So it's not that i have to buy buy buy and when i have it the happy feeling is gone...that is not what i have, thank god.

But i think why i feel guilty is because i rather spend money on my parents...buying stuff for them makes me super happy and i never ever feel guilty when i buy them stuff.

My mother is more like ' no don't buy me stuff...buy stuff for yourself, you only life once and if buying BJD's, figures, clothes whatever makes you happy...then it is worth it! What else are you working so hard for, earning money?'

She's right, but i still feel a bit guilty >_< yet very happy
That guilty feeling will be gone when the no buying months begin :)
(and when i succeed them that is, haha)

haha lol...i am weird.

Anywho, to be clear...what i spend this month is not THAT much.
It's not like i am over spending or anything. I always have a budget in mind and if i do not cross that budget i do not need to worry.
(i pretty much never go over my budget, but for some dumb reason i always feel a bit guilty when buying stuff for myself)

i have so many stuff....that's why i also feel a bit guilty...to be honest...i don't need more stuff..haha lol..
i have too many things that i like to collect and too many hobbies that i like to do...that all....takes a lot of space. XD

Nendoroid Link

Yaaay Little Link arrived today! He is SO CUTE!

He comes with in total 4 faces, 2 pairs of feet and arms/hands, a sword, shield, a life heart, a magic wand, stands and a 'wooosshhh' effect for the sword.

Just chilling on the Eames chair :P

I like this face so much, it's funny :P

Link with my 2 other Nendoroids.

I am really happy with this cute little guy.

School Uniform

I am so into my Smart Doll, she has such a cute face that i am constantly thinking of what kind of anime outfit i have to make for her ^_^
This time i made my own version of a school uniform with an spencer :)

The school uniform set is also available for sale in my Etsy Shop

So cute ^_^

What outfit shall i make next??
I dunno yet, maby a christmas Lolita dress or something, that also sounds cute :)

Figma figure stuff ^_^

Lookie look what i ordered from Japan:

Figma Link figure, Figma Classroom and a vending machine with capsules :)
Ohhhh i can NOT wait until it arrives here!

I wanted this Link for so long now and Max Factory (creators of the Figma figures) made this Link figure again and was available for purchase again :)
I am so happy, i hope he will arrive soon ^_^

Soon i will have a Chibi version of Link and the normal version of Link.
I love the character of Zelda so much.
Alltho i don't play any games anymore (too much other stuff to do)
 i always liked Link character so much.
I remember when i first played Zelda on my Nintendo64, i just could NOT stop and i got so into the game that i wrote notes on some paper, the buttons i had to push when i needed to play the Ocorina of time :) 
I also had a poster with a map of Hyrule :P 
(i think i don't have that anymore)

Ok, bye! (lol)

Lounge wear MSD sized

Now also available in my Etsy Shop the lounge sweater i made yesterday in MSD 1/4 size ^_^

Lounge wear

I made a lounge sweater with a new fabric i bought for Ball jointed dolls 1/3 sized.

Soon available also MSD 1/4 sized :)

Kawaii & room

I made a new Clothing item:
Lolita Maid costume ^_^

I think the costume turned out very cute ^_^

Part of my room :P

Nothing much to say, only pictures to show :P

New Items 

A blog post about a few new items i got that i wanted to share.

Last week i bought this amazing leather biker jacket, awesome boots and a pretty awesome new bag ^_^
I bought a new Michael Kors purse and i am SUPER HAPPY with it.

People who know me a little know that my love for Primark is huge :P
so today my mother and i went shopping.

I bought some basic sweaters, nothing special but i am very happy with it.
Off white hoodie vest, off white sweater, grey sweater and a nerdy Star Wars sweater.
Because i am a nerd :)