I'm back

I am BACK!

..sort off  :)
It has been ages since my late proper blog post, isn't it?!
(excuse me for that)

I miss blogging a bit, sometimes i just need to blog about things...but not all the time.
Things about my dolls/ other hobby's, things about personal life, things about whatever.

When i posted daily blogs i loved it, but at a certain point it felt like i HAD to post when i wasn't feeling like it (or just plain uninspired) and i know myself...when i feel like something must be done...i don't like it or i don't want to.

So, instead of daily posts, i will be blogging whenever i feel like it :P
(very selfish i know) or maby i just need to get the 'hang' of blogging again a bit more...that could also be a possibility :P

Anywho, i'm back...sort off...kinda...ye know...yarrr.. :/

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