Hello once again :)

Just a little update of what is going on in life right now or in the future :P

I ordered a Nendoroid yesterday ^_^ from Japan.
It's Link from the Zelda game :)

Tiny action figures are so cute, once the cute Link arrives it will be my third nendoroid figure.
I already have 2 girl figures Yoshino and Taiga Aisaka. (they are so cute) and i want the whole K-on nendoroid serie, but the figures from K-on are quit expensive.
(maby some day haha)

Once little link arrives i will post a review or just some photo's of him.

Tomorrow it's my birthday ^_^ Not really excited about it...many years i never have been excited about it.
I wish i were excited about it just like in the old days when i were a child, i just could not sleep days before my birthday and got super excited. >_<
Such a shame once we get older we don't get so excited anymore :( but at least i have my memories about it...which is nice ^_^

That's it for now :)

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