Christmas gifts ^_^

Oh dear, Mr & Mrs Claus have been spoiling me soooooooooooo much this christmas.

I am so happy, thankful and just speechless for these awesome gifts!
<3 much="" p="" so="" thank="" you="">
I have an 
- iPhone 6s Plus Rose Gold,
- Awesome cute clothes: christmas cardigan, disney princess sweater, longer black cardigan,
Kawaii toast pajamas, fluffy bathrope thumper from Bambi ^_^ Bambi t-shirt, fluffy socks, another fluffy bunny socks and winter christmassy socks.
- Ugg Alena slippers (these are sooooo comfy)

Am i spoiled or what?
I am soooooo happy with all, and also very touched for these awesome gifts.
I would have been happy with nothing, but my parents just wanted to spoil me really good this year ^_^
Really have the sweetest parents in the world!

My mother secretly ordered the ugg slippers that i had my eye on. (so sweet of her)

Today my father and i went to the store to buy the iPhone and after that we went to the mobile provider to get a smaller sim cart (nano).
On the ride back he surprised me with going to the KFC to get a crunchy crisp burger ^_^
(me likes kentucky fried chicken really much LOL, especially that good)
I'm still stuffed from it LOL.

I really love my parents, they are the best.

New Stuff ^_^

yaaay, i got me some new stuff..yarrr! o_O

I just love shopping in the Primark when there are items in sale ^_^
3 long oversized cardigans, 
the #elfie sweater and 
the shoes were very reduced in price :)

Star wars Sweatpants, all i want is everything t-shirt, basic grey long sleeve are also from Primark.

The fifties / Rockabilly skirt and the keepsake heart necklace are bought online.

and the christmas sweater was a present from the postcode loterij :)

I have been very active with knitting the last few weeks haha LOL, never thought i would knitt my own sweater :)


Last weekend my parents gave me a Lego present ^_^
I gave them a box filled with candy and such :)

They gave me a special Santa Claus Little diorama and the Limited edition christmas train.
I like them very much.


Last week i ordered a present for my mom online at the Burberry Online shop :)
they had free shipping, so i thought it would be nice to order a little something.
When the package arrived we were both so surprised of how AWESOME the package is.
I saw the option of a gift wrapping and also signing a cart, but i didn't expect it to be this awesome.
In such a luxurious way.
My mother loves the gift, it's the Festive Gold #449 Nail polish.

Well, that's it for now, i don't have enough writing inspiration :P

I won a gift!

:-D Omg, i just won a very lovely gift from the online store Ici Paris XL

Yesterday i got an email saying that i won a beauty price from Ici Paris XL, because i left them a review of my purchase a few weeks ago (you know the gifts that i bought for my mother)
and they asked me if i could confirm my address so they could send me a gift! ^_^

Just an hour ago i already received the gift!
They gave me a set Coca Cola lip smackers :)
People who know me, know that i LOVE LOVE LOVE lip smackers :)
They always smell soooooo DELICIOUS!!!!!

I am so happy that i won these lip smackers, they are LOVELY! 
In the cola can you have a 
regular Coca Cola lip smacker,
Coca Cola vanille lipsmacker 
and Coca Cola Cherry lipsmacker.
I love the cherry one the best, because in almost everything i love cherries the best haha, 
smells so good! 
*sniff sniff...mmmm*

Thank you so much Ici Paris XL that i won these, i am very happy with them!!

Sony Foto & Video Experience 2015

Today was the 2015 Sony experience day at the Big Cruise ship in Rotterdam.
The last 3 years my father and i went to those days and they are always fun ^_^

You get to follow different Photography workshops and they always have people, animals, things or just the place were the day is at that you can take photo's of.

This time it was at the SS Rotterdam (a big ass cruise ship that is at the harbor in Rotterdam)

We followed a workshop about nature photography, which was very useful and the guy who gave the workshop has made the most beautiful photographs around the world.
Very inspiring ^_^

We also applied for another workshop (still life, product photography) but the guy who gave that workshop i don't know what his deal was. Or it was his first workshop, or he wasn't feeling like it...or it wasn't his day...i dunno but the workshop didn't happen :(
Which was sad, because i really wanted to follow that workshop and maby learn a few things more.

Anyway, i took only a few photo's with my fathers newest compact camera.
(which is a very nice camera i might say Type: DSC-HX50V)
He brought his other camera a Sony SLR,  i really wanted to play with my fathers new camera ^_^
+ i didn't have to feel awkward walking with my own Canon SLR on a Sony event :P

Ugh...just let me sleeeeeep :P

 ♥ I received the Kawaii box from November last weekend and they really honor their name, because it is really CUTE! 

What is an kawaii box? How does it work?
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 ♥ lets see what's inside the box shall we?! 

Coupons from Cute store's

A bunch of stickers and nail art stickers

Little blue wallet with face

Cute bunny pencil bag 

Poop shaped candy >_<

Cute candy pen

Cute stamp set

Cute kitten mini wallet

Every month you get different kawaii stuff ^_^

You like this kawaii box and want to win one??
Well, i guess then it is your lucky day, because i am going to host a give way sponsored by kawaii box ^_^
All you have to do is enter below:

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Gift for my dad ^_^

Oh yeah, i bought a gift for my father yesterday and today it arrived ^_^
When my father came home from work i made him go upstairs to his office/hobby room and then he saw his gift that i placed on his desk. :)
A huge box :P
I gave him a 27inch IMAC *big smile*
Hihi, i just could not resist in surprising him with what he secretly really wanted badly :)

yay i am so happy that i gave this to him, I enjoy giving my parents awesome things that they would not buy themselves so quickly.
Makes me feel good that i am weird enough to do it for them haha LOL

but seriously...why shouldn't i do this if it makes me happy that i can make my parents very happy?!

Gift for my Mom

I ordered a few gifts for my reason specifically, only that i like to give her presents :)

I ordered the new perfume from Marc jacobs 'Decadence'
The bottle itself is a purse which makes it awesome :P
and it smells amazing.
(2 weeks ago i tried the perfume in the store, so i knew the sense was amazing)
and they now had an 20% off deal and a free Marc Jacobs keychain.

I found a coupon code with extra % off when you bought more, so i thought i would take a look and ordered also a chanel lipstick and coco mademoiselle body mist (a real light body perfume) for my mom.
With the extra coupon the price went down much more and when i looked into the shopping basket, the webstore added another free gift to it "a plush bear" LOL
apparently because i went over a specific amount.

So my mom is expecting a lot of gifts next week ^_^
(i think it will arrive in 1 or 2 days)

Rock & Roll Fifties Outfit

These last few days i've been working on a Ball jointed dolls outfit.
A Rock & Roll Fifties outfit to be exact :)

This set contains the following:
- White/pink polka dot blouse with music note.
- Black/white polka dot skirt with Poodle and bow
- A petticoat
- Light pink turtle neck shirt
- Black scarf
- Black/white polka dot scarf (or can also be used as a hair accessory)
- White/pink hair bow clip

I thought it would be nice to make a set which includes 2 tops, so you can switch them when you want and create a whole new Fifties outfit ^_^

The set is available in my Etsy shop A-Dolly Creations

White floor

The lego Figma Diorama is now more finished with the white floor ^_^
I am very happy with the result :)