Oh dear

Oh dear, when was the last proper update from me...i even can't remember (i'm too lazy to check)
To be honest i didn't blog because i didn't felt like it, had no time and had no inspiration at all.
Seems like i don't like to blog anymore, maby in the future i get the blogging spirit back...but for now i honestly don't have the inspiration/mood to blog.

Just a little update of what's going on..pretty much nothing :P
I have an IPHONE...yaay...well...i'm super happy with it, it's the old iphone 3gs from my dad, because he has a newer version now...and he gave me his old iPhone...i really don't care how it looks (looks terrible, crack in screen, cracked back) i'm sooo happy with it...every night before i go to bed i play , play, play and i play with it haha.

Well, that was kinda the highlight of my life...me having an iPhone..and i'm extremely happy with it.

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