Shopping spree

What happens when we go shopping in place with brand stores only?
That's right...we buy a lot :O

Yesterday we went shopping and we were there the whole day, from really early in the morning to later in the evening.
We had such a lovely day yesterday, the weather was also so very nice and the place were we went was not so crowded (which is much more fun to shop haha)

I really overspend these last couple of weeks and when i saw what i'm about to show i just figured i'm going to buy this one as well haha...oh dear i'm really a shop a holic.

(i promised to myself that i'm holding a NO BUY month next month)

I bought yet another bag ^_^ Not just any bag, i bought a blue leather Michael Kors bag! HIHIIII...I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!
I really wasn't planning on buying another purse but when i saw this one i really really liked it a lot and i many times do i wear something blue and don't have a matching bag with it....:P whaha that just an pore excuse :P

At Ralph Lauren i bought socks :P and a cap for my father (light blue)

At River woods i bought also socks....for myself hahaha...they were so cheap and i like them so...i don't care that they are men socks.
My father bought the same socks we match :P

Tommy Hilfiger slippers ^_^ (pantoffels)

Grandpaaaaa slippers :P haha I LIKE THEM SO MUCH!

My mother bought also some very very nice items.
At the Armani store she saw a pair of jeans and was like..'OMG the length of these jeans are soooo long!'
(you gotta mother is a tall woman and never finds pants that have a long length that she likes)
So she was trying on the jeans and it looked soooo nice and good on her!
The whole day my mother was being so happy with her long length armani jeans was really nice to see!
I don't have a photo of the jeans...I SUCK at photographing pants...but they are black with a hit of glitters...not so glitter and glam...but very classy and chic pants.

Well now i have something else to show what my mother bought:

That's right, Prada.
My mother bought some Prada heels ^_^

She saw them and was like..'oeh these are nice'
I kinda feel like i pushed her to fit the shoes, because they are so chic and because of the low heel.
As she was trying on one shoe... ...i was have to buy it..and she was like...YEAAAHHHHH...haha..well not actually she said it in a classy way after a while.
She wasn't so sure if she should buy expensive shoes...and i was like 'YOU DESERVE THEM...THEY SCREAM OUT YOUR NAME 'buy me meeeeee' haha no..i'm super overreacting right now..
She was trying them on and we both liked them so much and they looked so classy on my mom + my dad liked the shoes as well.

My mother also bought this super nice dress from River Woods.

At other River Woods stores my mother already saw this dress but thought i was too short for her and the waist was going to be too high for her (you know...tall mommy)
and now she was like...should i just try it on so i know for sure.
As she was fitting the dress and came out of the dressing room..again i was like...OMG I REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS DRESS ON YOU...haha i think if my mom would wear a plastic bag it still would look super classy!
The waist and the length of the dress wasn't so bad as she thought it would be, in fact..the dress really looks super great on my mom and really classy.
So after some thinking she just bought the dress haha.

My father also bought some nice items, but i don't have pictures of it...he's already wearing most of his new things haha :P
But he bought a cap from Tommy Hilfiger,
a Polo, socks and a really nice sweater from River Woods,
Mc Gregor blouse and also a very nice checkered shorts from River Woods.

My father is being so stylish after losing so much weight..every time when we all go shopping and he see's something or tries something on...i'm like..OMG YOU LOOK SO GOOD...or...OMG THIS LOOKS SO GREAT...haha
I really get enthusiastic very easy with my dad lost all that weight that everything he tries on looks so great.
BUT i think i have turned my dad into a brand shop-a-holic even more when i bought so much clothes for him a couple of weeks ago.
Before that big shopping haul i said to my dad that price didn't matter to me...that he does not had to worry about i might have spoiled him because when our big shopping spree ended...after that he bought himself A LOT of branded clothes haha..well kinda he needs it all...he didn't fit his old clothes anymore haha.

Hell...i turned everyone including myself into brand shop a holics...couple of weeks ago i didn't wanted to buy anything for myself...i thought that everything was tooo expensive.......being a real cheap ass for myself haha...not for my mom or dad...i spend money very easy when it comes buying stuff for my mother or father..and the last couple of weeks i spend a lot on myself haha...oh if that's a wrong thing right?! I think not! Next month it will i'm thinking in having a non buy month next month...not that i need to, but i want to..!

Some photo's i took with my mobile :P
haha my father enjoying a beer :P (he was aloud to drink one hahahahha)

My mother being happy with her new Prada's ^_^

Today my mother and i went to the store were i bought my precious pretty Ralph Lauren bag last week, because...when we were there last week we also saw another really nice Ralph lauren purse and my mom bought that purse today we both have lovely Ralph Lauren purses ^_^

With the bag comes a extra longer handle...but we both agree that the handle does not fit the bag so much...

so...we are going to use the handle as belt...^_^ Smart right?

The bag is also soooooo nice and soft leather...yesterday my mother was like..should i buy that other purse or not...haha...and i was know what i was just thinking the same thing this whole week...and she was like...ME2!
With that said..we both agreed that we should see if the bag was still available in the store..and it was :P
With in mind....that we are just crazy hahaha...we are so crazy if it comes to purses and shoes...oh well..we both like our crazyness ^_^

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