Shopping haul from last couple days

Well, this time i will be blogging in english again...gotta keep up with my english of course! :P
My parents and i have been doing a lot of shopping these last couple of weeks and this week i really bought a lot!
What can i say...i just can't resist the sale anymore!

At the Mexx store i bought these items:

Only body stocking blouse, Tommy Hilfiger blouse, Ralph Lauren blouse and a Bien Bleu blouse

More preppy stuff...a polo from McGregor :P

Blazer and scarf from H&M

Jeans from vila (finally i found i nice fitted jeans that isn't a skinny jeans)...

Couple of weeks ago i saw such a nice trenchcoat from River Woods at the River woods store, i tried it on just for fun and after that i put it back...too expensive.
Also couple of weeks ago i saw such nice river woods shoes but they only had one size larger and every time when we walked into a River Woods store the size i needed was sold out :/ ...BUT...yesterday i saw they had a new offer...if you bought 3 will get 60% my mom saw the shoes again...i asked if they had my size...THEY i tried them on...fits like a charm...and later on we were looking if we could find 2 other items...(for the 60%)...i saw THAT i tried it on again and i was know's such a classic coat that will never go out of style...i'm going to BUY IT...teehee...and my father saw a really nice sweater and at the end we had 4 items and 60% off ^_^

Here is my new beloved coat:

I'm sooo happy with the new coat...such pretty quality!!

The shoes ^_^

Look, this is the original River Woods picture and she's wearing the trenchcoat (lighter version) with the shoes ^_^

Miss America Blouse
(i put the braces (suspenders) on myself...i think it looks really nice)

And i bought a blue blazer from Sutherland...i was in search for a blue blazer for so long...and i finally found it...yaaay!

I bought a lot haha lol...oh well...I'm not in a cheap ass mood anymore :P

Oh and a update about the tom tailor order: I have send the items back...because the shoes were such thin quality...i didn't liked it at all...i didn't even take the time to fit the shirt i ordered with it...i just thought...well that's stupid...i send it all back hahaha.

And last week in Amsterdam i bought a jeans from Esprit...the next day i returned it to the nearest esprit home i fitted the jeans again and wasn't so sure about i thought the best thing would be to do, return them.


  1. yaaaay i love my new stuff!! Kinda sad that i'm writing a comment on my own blog entry whahahhaaa

  2. Leuke kleren ^^! En ook zoveel =P!

    xxx Katy ^^!

  3. Wat heb je veel gekocht! Leuke spulletjes!