Michael Kors Pumps

I'm in my 'i want to buy everything i like for my mother' mood.
I bought black pumps for my mother...from Michael Kors...i figured these look really nice with her MK purse & her new MK sunglasses (which she btw LOVES)

Pretty ey?

Well, there's a story behind these pumps:
When i was searching for her birthday present (mk bag) i saw these pumps and i was like 'OMG i want these for my mom',
because of the low heel (4.5cm) and they are so chic....but they didn't had her size...it was sold out.
Just an half hour ago i was looking on the same site and saw that her size was available...so i ordered them immediately ...hihi ^_^

I think a chic looking woman like my mom deserves the best!

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