I thought it was time for a little update of what is going on in my life...
just some things that i need to get off my chest.

I'm busy (well not that busy as in I HAVE NO TIME) working on something, i don't feel comfortable sharing on the interwebz (yet)...not sure if i ever will..but maby when i'm finished i might write the whole story here on my blog.

Confused?? Well, me 2 :P

It's just something that needs to be done, a personal issue. ^_^ I feel comfortable doing it, that's a first. For now i'm not sharing...(if anyone cares who reads this haha lol)

Anywho, that's that...also still busy working on the dollhouse...yes...it's not finished yet, but i'm getting close.
Right now i'm working on the attic, after that i will be doing the finishing touches.
Here are some sneak previews of the house so far:
The house


Living room



It's NOT finished yet, when i'm finished i will post more nicer photo's and some detail photo's.
Kinda nice right how my house is turning?
I wanted to give it a shabby chic/cottage feeling to it...but some rooms need some more shabby to it :)
But those are the finishing touches i was talking about(...accessories and stuff).

My father is getting close to his goal in weight...which is a good thing..shopping spree is getting closer and closer ^_^

Nothing else to blog, sorry! Bye!

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