Queensday buys

Yaaaaay I LOVE flea markets ^_^
Especially on queensday...there will be a lot of flea markets everywhere...and this time i saw so many items!!
I took some photo's of the items that i bought!

In random order haha....

OMG...there was one person that was selling all kinds of brand purses and stuff..NEW...and well..just look and read what i paid for it!

Michael Kors tote €1,- (wtf...€1,-) It's not fake...it's real!

lock ^_^

Tommy Hilfiger purse with extra small purse €1,50 :-O
New in plastic...

..took the plastic off and filled the bag, so you can see it better

Another Tommy Hilfiger bag with little purse €1,50
This one is knitted...see

Small bag..also Tommy € 0,50 ^_^

Michael Kors €0,50

I think these are promotional bags or something like that, bags you get when you spend over an amount of money on perfume...at least i think so....doesn't matter I LOVE ALL THESE BAGS...I LOVE THEM SOOOOOO MUCH...i am still soooooo excited that i found these...and what about the prices....they are all brand new!!

At another place i found this cute wallet from Pip Studio ^_^ €1,-
Pip Studio is CUTE!

Again another place i found this big fake Louis Vuitton monogram bag haha...i like it :-D €3,-
I don't care if it's a fake one...looks real to me...since the real louis vuitton's monogram bags aren't leather either :/ except the handles...those are made from leather at the real monogram Lv's...everything else...i just platsic...so weird.

Vintage clutch €0,50

Brand new h&m blouse €2,-

I bought some nice hobby items that i can use for my dollhouse.
7 cutters (ponsjes) €2,- together
2 pack new clay €1,- together
Dollhouse book €0,25
Scissor set (each has a different cutting pattern) €1,50 for the whole set
All kinds of small fabrics...the whole box €3,-

I'm sooooo happy with all these items :-D SO CHEAP!

and a plush horsieee...i just could not resist...it's tooo darn CUTE!

*look at me...i'm cute*

yaaaaaay so you can imagine HOW HAPPY I AM with my new buys...sooooo cheap...i love flea markets!!
If you search well and keep your eyes open...you will find amazing things...sometimes..and this time i did ^_^


  1. YAY horsy horsy. Leuke aankoopjes! Je kan voorlopig weer voor uit met je tassen haha...