Boring update

Good lord, it has been ages ago since the last proper update right?
Well, there hasn't been much different things going on actually.

Still working in my spare time on the dollhouse, i'm pretty far actually ^_^ if you want to see check my dollhouse blog HERE but i'm not finished yet :P

When i'm interested in something or i'm really into something...that would be the only thing that would interest me at the moment.
For example when i'm into fashion and stuff...i update this blog very often with Outfit photo's, new clothes ect.
But now days i'm totally not into fashion, so this blog doesn't get updated much..which is a shame...makes me realize that i don't have a very interesting blog :P
My passion for fashion needs to come back!!
I'm sure it will come back, it always does...

Next to being crafty with dollhouses i'm often busy with work, so every free time i have i spent it at being crafty at the dollhouse.

My father is still losing weight, not as fast as before...but he's doing great.
I already bought him 2 clothing items haha..i just could not resist.
- Black polo from Pall Mall (PME)
- 2 pair Tommy Hilfiger socks

I asked my father if he already decided what clothing items he wants to get from me when we have our big shopping spree
and he really wants a new a new suit it shall be! ^_^
Still can't wait for the big shopping spree, i already planned the whole day in my mind.
I'm taking photo's of that whole day :-D

Today i went with my parents to jaarbeurs Utrecht to a collectible's convention.
It's a big convention with all kinds of old crraaaa...i mean antique stuff that people sell.
It's not all crap, because i saw many many things that i really like...but what to do with them...i didn't knew.
(i like antique things, not all but many)
The place was so big that we are SO tired from walking all day, but i had so much fun just looking at all the stuff that people were offering.
I only bought some lace and ribbon...vintage style...for really cheap, i thought i could do something with it for my dollhouse.

Tomorrow i will be going to 2 things, first a dollhouse & miniature convention after that i'm going to a fabric market. (last time i went there...we bought many fabrics for my birthday there)

This was my boring update, no pictures at all...super boring...updates without pictures IS LAME!

WAIT....teacup puppy

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