Aww so sad :(

Yesterday my order received from Blokker :P
I ordered a nice gift for my mom and dad...i thought this breadbox would look perfect in our kitchen.
IT REALLY DOES, because the handle is the same as our kitchen handles ^_^
I already saw this one online last week, but then it were sold out..
when i looked last sunday they were in stock i ordered immediately ^_^

My parents are very pleased with it ^_^

Today my dad had an appointment in the hospital for removing his bumb (skin cancer) my mom and i went with him.
At first they remove the bumb and test if the sides are clean, so we needed to wait several hours
...which was difficult..because we almost couldn't get our eyes open.
(haha...almost fell a sleep in the waiting room)
After several hours we heard the good news that the sides were clean, so they needed to stitch my dad's face (were the bumb was) and then we went home again.

Now my pore dad looks so sad with all of the bandaids and stuff

Luckily i ordered some items for my dad...also on wehkamp...i never order there
...but they had a 4 day discount thing going on and i was looking and saw some nice pj pants from Calvin Klein for my dad ^_^
So i ordered it and today it arrived, to make him feel a bit better :-D

He's really happy with it

I also ordered a blouse from Frans Molenaar, but this one is going's TOO BIG haha..(they don't have a size smaller anymore)

But if it were the right size he said he would have liked it very much! :-D

I think for such big store it's stupid that they ask high shipping cost, but oh well...i thought as long as i'm paying for sending cost..let me see if i also see something for my mom...and i did
Not something special, but my mom is very pleased with it...her beloved revlon foundation haha

What else is new..oh mom's birthday is coming up soon and i already bought her gifts months ago...
but last week i just could not resist in buying another present...which is such A GREAT present...
i know for sure that she is going to LOVE IT!
I must say...i didn't go as far as 2 years ago by buying her a chanel 2.55 purse...not even close...but i overdone myself with what i had in mind.

The items i will show after her birthday (off course)

I think that was kinda it what i wanted to blog about.

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