Very proud, Bunny & DraweSOME!

Yesterday i made something cute, at least i think it turned out some sort of cute :P

Tadaaa...i present to you 'Retardy' :P

Lol, i wanted to make something but didn't knew what to make.
I was looking true the newest Burda and i saw this pattern to make a bunny, so i did and later on i thought it would be nice to also make clothes for her.

Lol @ photobooth fun.

I still have the urge to make something...but now i really don't know what to make :/

I'm so PROUD of my dad ^_^
He almost lost 10 kilo already!! yaay and it really shows :-D
He needs to lose another 5/6 kilo to be on a healthy weigh.

Once he's on the healthy weigh and he's all better and stuff WE ARE GOING SHOPPING.
Yesterday i made an inspirational collage for him of clothing items that i'm going to give to him.
(in one of my previous blog i wrote that i'm going to spoil my dad with new clothing items and such)
He can choose whatever he wants, but to try to make him enthusiastic about it i made a Hugo Boss collage with suits and accessories.
If he wants a Boss suit with all accessories...i'm giving it all...but if he wants 'normal' casual clothes...i'm going to give that.
I already showed the collage to him and my mother and they really really like it, but my father thinks its too much for me and probably doesn't want me to spent a lot of money on him....but i will do it anyways whahaha...LOL..i'm stubborn :P

Anywho, this is the collage that i gave him:
(it's just an example)

I really like those cufflinks a lot ^_^

I don't mean this at bragging or anything, i'm just so happy, i want to spoil my dad and very enthusiastic about this.

Here are some screenshots of drawings with that drawing game app.
I thought these were funny to share:

Seriously...the other person did NOT guessed who this is (below)


......i mean...

how can he/she did not guessed it?

hahaha LOL >_<

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