Random with a lot of photo's

"You cast a spell on me, spell on me
You hit me like the sky fell on me, fell on me
And I decided you look well on me, well on me
So let's go somewhere no-one else can see, you and me
^_^ nice song!

Well hellooeee, what have i been up to lately....NOTHING!
Absolutely nothing!! Well i've done a lot, but not interesting to blog about...but i thought...i must blog something...anything...whatever...so i welcome you to one of my really random blog entry!

My mother and i are spending a lot time down stairs were my dad spent most of his time.
Take care of him and keep an eye on him, because he needs to lose weight...long story but it has a lot to do with what was happened to him.
To write it very very cruel...if he wants to life a healthy long life he needs to lose weight until a healthy weigh (?) and stay that way.
Eat healthy and such. When he got out of the hospital he already quit smoking, so that is going very well.
He doesn't like to be on a healthy diet, but it must be done.
I know i say this very harsh, but we do this with LOVE haha lol...no really..we love him so much.
But my point with all this is, all my stuff is upstairs on the attic, so i do a lot of moving with my stuff haha.
Oh well, whatever i can do to help right?
Same with my mum, all her stuff is also upstairs.

Oh well, i'm not really complaining, i love my dad.

Here are some photo's of the week:

Little pony on my desk lamp

Cute Hello kitty box

Hello kitty's on my bag

My cute shelf

see how random haha...chanel, dior...cute stuff :-P

Cat dressed as a sheep...CUTE

Today i have done some groceries :P (waiting for the bus)

Oh why?? I don't understand why people always break the bus stop glass :/
What's the fun in that?

In the bus

I made this little satchel purse as a brooch last week :-D

I've done my nails today, i put gel over it...for strength ^_^
- looks pretty
- shines
- nail polish over it last sooooo long
- gives my nails soooo much strength haha lol..obviously because of the gel layer

Hope i did a good job and that it would stay long on my nails.

My mom and i made some cake pops and bon bon's last week.

I have been hooked on this app, you draw something "DRAWSOOOOME" and then some random person you play with must guess what it is....its sooooo funny!!
I've been playing this for a couple of weeks now ^_^
(actually when i go to bed i play this until it's super late...whoopsy)

Here are some of my awesome drawings...whahahahaha LOL...

With my sister haha she's also hooked on this game ^_^

hahaha lol wtf!?

i really had so much awesomer one's but i didn't knew how to make a screenshot first haha lol.
(didn't knew that it was possible...but hey...it's an apple product...what the BLEEP isn't possible with an apple product)

Lol..ok i see i've done an overload on photo's and pictures here.
I really should do more outfit posts, but lately i'm only wearing what feels comfortable so...not interesting for an outfit post :P
I always like outfit post ^_^
In case i don't know what to wear i'll just browse into my previous looks lol.
It's handy at the same time!

ok, i must stop with this..it's pointless...i'm writing what i'm thinking....


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  1. Cool die Hello Kity stuff ^^! En ook leuk dat jullie die bonbons hebben gemaakt =D!

    xx Katy ^^!