New watch & ring + update

New stuff...
Miss sixty steel ring
(with text "i love u" " I miss u" "Miss sixty")

Miss Sixty watch

I really love the white watch…i didn't had any casual watches yet, this matches perfectly with the comfortable clothes i'm wearing these days.
I also love the ring so much, means something….i mean…a meaningful ring ^_^

Woohaaa….oh dear, i'm sooo into the dollhouse making that time is going super fast and almost forgot to blog here.
*shame on me*
Well, what has been going on…dollhouse making…dollhouse making…more dollhouse making :P
you can read aaaalll about that in my dollhouse blog --> CLICK HERE

Besides the dollhouse, i'm busy with work and if i'm not busy with work or the dollhouse…i'm busy sleeping :P
Ow…their aren't enough hours in one day…

Because…off the dollhouse making, smoothing the wood, using glue…i get all dirty…no biggie, but it's pointless to dress up all nice and post an outfit of the day.
Besides i have no inspiration what so ever, i just wear whatever feels comfortable.

Yesterday i went to see my sister at work, i had an appointment with her, she cleaned my teeth and she has put some sort of layer over my molar teeth…you can't really see…but it would protect against cavities.
(my sister is a dental hygienist)

She does a great job, i think i don't get all nervous visiting a dentist because i know my sister will be working in my mouth.

My dad is doing great…well…greater :P
He doesn't lost many pounds this week, but you still can see it big time…everyone who didn't saw my dad for couple weeks has noticed it.
My mother says that it almost looks like he's being really proud if someone says something about that he lost weight.
He should be proud, he's doing so great and i'm also very proud of him. ^_^

I'm expecting a package this week and if it arrives i hope they fit and then i will blog more about it.
It's something really nice and i totally copied from my sister haha..
Well, i'm going back to work now….

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