New stuff + order + update random

Dear diary,

I have been very busy with all kinds of stuff and haven't been able to make a proper blog post...tss.. :/
Yesterday evening i needed a break and went shopping here in town ^_^
...searching true last sale items...and i succeed with lovely items.

H&M cardigans 50% off €7,50
I bought a pink and blue one.

New Yorker sale items for only €1,-

I still had a gift card from ici paris worth €5,- from last year, so i used it to buy
Coco cola cherry lipbalm...omg smells sooooo delicious ^_^

I COULD NOT RESIST...hello kitty surprise packages €1,-


Today i ordered a few items at h&m because they have a coupon (9756) for 10% off and free shipping, so i used it wisely with another coupon code (1304 = €5,-)
and ordered these items in sale (some items were reduced in price more)
(i just needed to take a look..teehee)

(nice color combination haha)

My mother also ordered some nice items, if we both receive our orders i will show the items, if we keep them :P

A little update about my father: He's doing fine, but we need to look after and take care of him.
His voice is finally back *yaaay* because of the operation he was having difficulties with talking, i mean his voice was almost gone and by day it got better but now it's back.
That's a good thing.
OH...he finished his Volkswagen lego Van beginning of this week ^_^
It turned out so cool, i must say in real life it looks even cooler.
It was so lovely to see how he was building the vw van and enjoying it ^_^

I cut my bangs again....interesting no? I thought it was interesting :P

Well, i'm going to clean my room not in the mood for...but it needs to be done...otherwise i just can't life with myself *dramaqueen*

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  1. wow, you bought some really nice clothes. This is amazing. Your blog is gorgeous, so I'm following you now :)