J-doll is here

Hooraaay this week i received the J-doll i ordered ^_^
Here are some quick photo's i've took :)

Beginning this week i was searching for doll clothing patterns that would fit j-doll,
at one point i thought..well pullip has almost the same body type so i found an official pullip pattern. (coat)
So i made a real leather coat haha.

For the longest time i always drooled over everything when i saw those victorian old dollhouses.
You know, those 1:12 scale old dollhouses.
Years ago there was a once a week magazine with stuff for building our own dollhouse.
I bought the first few but then i realized it would be very very expensive at the end, so i stopped buying.
(the first few magazines were cheaper and very fast after that they were in my opinion to expensive)
But i always kept the parts i already had and again drooled over everything when i saw finished dollhouses.
For the last year or so there would be moments that i was searching for dollhouses...how much it would cost and everything but fast i would find it too expensive...or they were already finished..
I want a dollhouse that isn't too expensive and i want to build it on my own.
This week i really started looking for info and found out...i really really REALLY...want a dollhouse.
(I am so freaking childish but i honestly do not care...i love being childish)
Tomorrow i'm going to look at some dollhouse parts...i can't wait and i hope that everything is complete and looks ok...if so...i'm buying all the parts and start building my own dream dollhouse ^_^

If everything is ok and i buy it...this project will probably take weeks to finish...i already thought of making progress photo's but i would make a different blog for that...
Noukster's dollhouse hahaha...i don't know the name yet.

Finally maby...my childhood dream is maby coming true.