J-doll & drawings (sort off)

...i bought something
...look at this beauty:

It's a J-doll from June planning and this would be my second J-doll.

This is the one i already bought couple years ago...

I honestly like j-dolls better then Pullips, because of the proportions of the doll....
pullip = big head, small body (but very cute)
I can't wait when she arrives.
I really wanted this type doll "de 9 straatjes" (that is what this doll is called) for quit some time...and i finally found her for a more nicer price ^_^
yaaay I'm happy!

The last couple of days i started using my wacom tablet again and started drawing random things,
i just had no inspiration what so ever....:/

VW beetle (i can't draw the other half...without screwing it up)

Cartoony vw beetle

Cartoony me

...this is when i had no inspiration :P

I also drew a really nice (if i may say so myself) cartoon like dog and i was like..being proud of this one...so i saved it and later on...i accidentally saved it over with that stupid drawing of an apple finder (above)
SO I GOT REALLY PISSED...and shut down my computer :(

(made this with rage builder thing)

*cries a little bit*

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  1. Die pop met dat rode haar is echt mooi =D!

    xxx Katy ^^!