BB Cream Skin79

BB Cream.

Remember when i received BB cream by Skin79 from Dbeautyshop?

Well i tried & tested it and now it's time for a review.

First of all what is BB Cream?
In short BB Cream is an all-in-one cosmetic beauty and skincare product.
Can act as foundation, concealer, sunblock, and moisturizer all in one go.

The one i got is probably the most famous BB cream of all out there Skin79.
Nice pink package, looks so darn cute. ^_^

Product Info from SKIN79:
* Lighter feel and sebum control - more powerful sebum sebum-controlling ingredients kava & pursiane extracts will exhibit an oil- free soft skin that is not sticky.
* Up the water absorption - helps skin retain moisture & display a moist & smooth skintone.
* All day whitening & wrinkle skin care - the skincare that changes dark & dry skin into transparent & clear and maintains wrinkles to show a smooth and elastic skin.
* 10 in 1 non-stop solution - whitening + wrinkles + sebum + moisture + skin barrier + UV + perfection + corrects skintone + skin adhesion + base makeup. The complete BB cream for a busy person.
* Protects against UV radiation - SPF 25++ PA protects UVA & UVB, and protects your skin at all times.

The handy part of this one is the pump, one pump is more then enough to use it all over your face and neck.
Just push gentle and you will get enough.

Here is a photo of the product on my hand:

Here it's al covered over my hand.

You can see the difference and you also notice that it doesn't cover up everything.
(that's not really the point of BB cream)

What i like the most about this, is SPF25, that it's a color's cream that also protects your skin and wrinkle care ^_^
You can choose to leave it just like that on your face, or go over it with a bit powder to set it all.
(i've done the last a couple of times)

My experience:
At first when i tried the product i saw the product looked a bit grey tone'ish and i'm going to look like old people...haha..
but when i covered on my face it blends so well with my skin color that the grey'ish wasn't there to see at all.
It's a nice light foundation feeling and looks natural.
I like it very much, but i must honestly say that i don't see very much difference when i'm wearing my usual foundation.
Which i think must be good, because the bb cream also takes care of my skin and the foundation i use doesn't.

If you want to try it your own you can buy it at

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