Thank god,that everthing is going a bit better by day with my father. He's doing a lot better and maby tomorrow he no longer will be staying in the intensive care but in a normal room. I have been reading more about what my dad had, what they did and such...i'm pretty sure there must have been an angel on his shoulder because half the people who had the same did not made it so you can imagine how happy we are that my dad is still with us. Such an intense and scaring week I will be posting the fogan cosmetics winner Very soon. I'm laying in bed right now typing this entry on an iphone lol (it's my dad's phone) I WANT AN IPHONE too.... Omg how freaking love love love this thing!!!!!!!! It's so handy abd usefull in so many ways! I have been playing non stop with it! ok enough... Time to go to bed... Nighty night everyone!!

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