Random + new layout

This week my parents visited my uncle, because he was here for like one day
and look what he gave my mom.

My uncle travels a lot for work, he gets to fly premium and apparently you get one of these Victor & Rolf klm clutches ^_^
I didn't even knew about these clutches, it's soooo lovely!!
Nice right??

I googled it and they also have a version were the items are pink inside ^_^
I think this is such a great gift i like it very much!

Yesterday it started to snow here ^_^ I didn't get so excited about it as i used to be when it snowed :/ (weird)

Tomorrow my dad and i are going to 'Delft' to a photography workshop.
We are going to learn how to photograph things in a different way or the right way.
Like, old houses...how you photograph it the right way.
I'm very excited about it (expect a lot of photographs here haha)
Also very excited that i'm doing this together with my dad ^_^ It's nice to do something with my dad.
He saw this deal on the internet and he was like 'look what's on my computer' so i looked and got excited and he said 'let's do this' haha well..not actually 'let's do this' :P
My father has always been into photography but ever since he got himself a new camera he's totally into the photographing stuff again...it's really nice to see.

I'm curious if there still will be snow tomorrow, i think making photo's with snow is extra fun ^_^
But OH LORD i have to dress up soooo WARM..otherwise i will FREEZE...it's an 3 hour workshop...outside...with this cold...(and me...it's not a good combo)
Oh well, will see.

Oh lord, i've made a new layout...what do you all think?
I'm not sure if i like it enough...it's so standard..i think :/

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1 comment:

  1. hele mooie layout!
    geeft een mooi contrast met je "schattige posts",
    dat de vormgeving nu wat "stoerder" is.
    aaaah ik ben benieuwd morgen..
    zou zoooo graag die leuke makeup winnen :D