Random update of everything

First off all i want to thank the nice people who have been commenting on my last blogposts about my dad. It's very nice of you! So i thank you very much!

Well, the last week must have been the weirdest week in our lives.
It went super fast and very slow...some things i can't even remember anymore..some sort of blur or vague dream.
You know, like it all didn't happen or something, but it did and that's the cold hard reality!

Today we visited my father and it's going very well, the scary hospital needle's, infuse and other hoses were lucky removed ^_^ that means that everything is going ok.
He even may drink water and juices again (he wasn't aloud to drink)
I'm happy that everything is going better with my dad, everyday a tiny bit better.
It's so freaking scary to know what else could have happen, he's had a very big angel on his shoulder this whole week.
(We were reading a lot on the internet about abdominal aortic aneurysm and it scared us so much)

There will be a long recovery for my dad waiting, it's so sad.

Last week i ordered a gift for my dad and already received and gave it to him.
It's an lego collector vw fan.
(how cool is this)

He's very happy with it. Altho i took it home with me again, when my dad is home he may build and play with it haha lol.
1332 pieces of lego :-O

This whole time i have this feeling of wanting to buy gifts for my dad and spoil him..haha.
I also ordered some sort of gloves that we saw (not last sunday, but the sunday before that) when we were on the photography workshop. When he saw them my dad was like 'did you saw those gloves....i also want such gloves' haha lol...so i thought it would be a nice surprise when i bought them for him.

Next subject:
Fogan cosmetics...yes...it's time to announce the winner (i thought it would be time, yes?)

Congrats...'pietje'...i don't think that is your real name, or is it?
Anywho, i will send you an email about what's next (address ect).

I guess this will be the update for now.
I'll try to update more often this week, i also will be visiting my dad in the hospital everyday so it's kinda busy busy for me right now.(not that i care about me being busy, i want to be there for my dad as much as i can, as you might understood...he almost could have...i almost can't write it...not be here anymore)

Outfit's of the day will also come again someday, but not for now...i just don't feel like dressing up as you might understand + my outfits are freaking boring because it's cold outside....haha lol.
(my priority is..keeping myself warm)

I leave you all for now with this cute picture:


  1. Oi querida!!!!Acabei de conhecer seu blog e amei!
    Ja estou seguindo!!!!
    Visite o meu e se gostar, me siga!!!
    Bjooooooooooooo e com Deus!
    Vanessa Gramari

  2. hahaha die lego bus is super vet!
    en gefeliciteerd `pietje`, geniet van je mooie prijs!