Photography workshop Delft

Today my father and i went to a photography workshop true Delft guided by an photographer.
He showed us places and things were you normally wouldn't look and take a photo off.
The workshop was nice, but we didn't learned as much as we hoped for.
We thought he would teach us how to take a photo of certain objects, like how to photograph a church, old houses, windows...objects outside that sort off things.
It was more a tour true Delft, show us nice places and show us things that we could (if you wanted) photograph.
But it was nice that we went though, we had fun....until we all were so cold.
Oh men, it was so freaking cold outside, my feet and hands were freezing...brr!!
I really had fun, but would had more fun if it wasn't so one point i honestly could cry of being so cold.
My father suggested that we would do this another time together when its warmer outside, he also said that he knows more beautiful places were we could take photo's off.
Can't wait, because it was really nice to just walk and photograph stuff together with my dad.
I'm guessing we are going to do this more often ^_^

I already knew that Delft is pretty & old pretty, but i only saw the stores there. I know now that there are a lot more places that are beautiful in Delft.

Anywho, here are some of the photo's i took.
(not many, because i wasn't having fun at one point because of the cold)
I didn't learn how to photograph in a certain way, so i just did what felt right to me :P

haha my dad (just a snapshot,ok)

I sort off looks vintage haha

I took this one for my sister, because she wants a vespa scooter ^_^

Ok, i spotted something funny...i hope you do?

haha did you saw it? A cow statue on a balcony WTF?


Altho we were freezing our butts off, we still had fu and the workshop was nice.

hmm..looks like i'm nagging too much about the cold and such, but i really had fun and the workshop was the beginning i were so in my element with's just that it were so cold and obvious i can't handle such cold...that i didn't had much fun as i should have. (i know for sure that i would have super dooper loved it when it were warmer).
But still it was nice and really nice to have done this with my dad ^_^


  1. Die ijspegels zijn cool =D! Dordrecht is leuk =]. Ik ben daar ook wel eens geweest ^^!

    xx Katy ^^!

  2. Too bad it was so cold! You still took amazing photos! :)

    vonnie <3