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The visiting hours (from the hospital were my dad is) are from 14:00 to 19:30 and we want to stay as long with my dad as we can, but this week before we went to visit my dad we thought it would be nice to do something before.
We went to small places nearby, a little shopping mall, grocery shopping..that kind of stuff.

Here is a quick collage from the stuff that is new
(don't have time to make my own photo's, so i searched the product photo's online of the items)

Yaaay little Blythe ^_^ I really wanted one of these, but found them to expensive...
It was on sale for €5,95 :-D Little preppy Blythe ^_^

Because the visiting hours are from 14:00 to 19:30 is almost have no time to do something else (i don't mind, i'm not complaining or anything) and when we get home it's already late and i'm really tired and so not in the mood to do something else then sit and relax.
Strange really, because when we are visiting my dad the only thing we do is sit and talk, can that make me so tired?

I think it's nice to see my dad everyday, i really get excited every time we are going to visit.
As if i love my dad even more then i already did. I don't know but what has happened to my dad was so shocking that i could almost have lost my dad. And that's a very scary thought.
70% (maby even more) of the people who had abdominal aortic aneurysm don't survive!!!!!
Thank god my dad did survived ^_^
(i know i already said this in a previous post, but i'm so happy that my dad is doing well)

Also i can't help myself, but i want to buy stuff for my dad everytime.
The lego, glove/mittens, socks i also bought him a healthy snack..haha.

The day before yesterday i searched online for a nice bathrobe and pj's for my dad...but no not just any bathrobe and pj' i was looking for Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren haha.
I almost ordered a nice bathrobe from Ralph Lauren and a nice pj also from ralph lauren...but then i thought...i don't know what the quality if of these items...i need to feel it.
So i didn't order it...but i did order a 2 pack of Tommy Hilfiger socks for my dad.

haha from pj's and >_< But i already have another idea in my mind of what i'm going to do for my dad...i think it's a very nice surprise for him.

Oke, i'm going to tell:

My dad needs to lose weight..that is one fact.
Well..when people lose weight...they need new CLOTHES....this is were i come in the picture.
When the time has come that my dad has lost weight and he hopefully stays that way....i'm going to take him shopping and buy him a whole new outfit or maby a whole new collection.
(also he must be 100% recovered, before we go shopping)
Yes, that is my brilliant idea and i am SO EXCITED about it :-D

I'm thinking this will be over a couple of months i hope...if it were for me i would take him shopping tomorrow's still in the hospital) awwww pore daddy!

I thought, he doesn't have to look on the price tag or anything, no...i suggest he only looks in stores at the clothes he likes...fits them and then i buy them for him.
I feel like spoiling him after what he went true, so i'm going to do it...
I'm NOT going to be a cheap ass with this...whatever brand or items he likes...he gets...period..end of story!!

I can't remember what day it was, but someday this week in the morning i got creative and made my own version of a Fred de la bretoniere agenda.

A while ago i saw that my sister had the most awesomemest agenda ever...and i was like...what's this?
It seemed so vintage i don't know but i instantly loved it so much that i searched for it online.....iek..a bit expensive for me so i thought i'm going to do it myself.

haha don't laugh, it doesn't look like it, but oh well i kind of like it.

(I used a notebook and covered it with thin leather)

I'm curious when they say in the hospital when my dad may come home, but we all also want to make sure that everything is ok and such.
I even offered my dad my room for recovering.
If he want's he can stay in my room (tv for the bed).

In a couple of hours we are going to see my dad and i'm hoping that the Tommy socks will arrive here before, so i can give them to him ^_^
(the store send an email with track and trace and it says that the package will be delivered today)

Oke, that's my blogpost for this day...have a lovely weekend for the once's who read my blog!!

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