New buys from last week


I forgot to post a few items that were new from last week :/ *whoopsy*

Stylish blazer from supertrash ^_^ (i love this one soooooo much)

Red hearted top from zeeman children haha...seamén :P

Preppy handkerchief's whaha kinda reminded me of Tommy Hilfiger :P

Monday my mother came home (grocery shopping) and bought these super cute hello kitty tissue's and handkerchief's for me.
OMG HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!

Last week i ordered some items at H&M and i saw with the tracking number that the package must arrive i can't wait ^_^

These are the items i ordered:

Dress €2,95
Sweater €7,46
Bracelets €1,95

I'm not sure about the dress but i like the fabric so much and the price was like...i just needed to order it haha

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