Geo Fresh brown circle lenses

Yesterday i received a package from
DBeautyshop is an online store that sells a lot of different circle lenses (probably the most out there)
not only do they sell lenses, they also sell skin care and cosplay costumes.

These are the items i received:

They gave me a cute lens case, bb cream from skin79 and an eye treatment ^_^ with the lenses.

I've chosen a more 'natural' looking lens from the brand 'Geo' and the lens is called 'Fresh Brown Circle Lenses'
The name says it all actually, it's a real fresh looking natural lens.

It's an 14mm lens which is 1mm smaller then the other brown ones i already have.
Which is nice, gives me (i think) more natural bigger eyes ^_^

In the picture below i will show how the lenses are in daylight, photo light and flash light.

You see the different in enlargement? Altho i thought (i got scared) that the lenses didn't enlarge enough but when i put them in...surprisely they do enlarge ^_^
I love how much they are like my own eye color, it's almost the kinda is the same color haha...but larger and i love that.

Specs about the lenses:

Diameter: 14.0 mm
Water Content: 38-42%
Base Curve: 8.6
Life Span: 1 Year

Here are some other pictures i took:


Photo light:

So what do i think of these lenses?
I've worn them for 6 hours straight and that was enough...after 6 hours my eyes are feeling tired or something. (6-8 max is standard with wearing circle lenses, because of the dryness)

Comfort: 8/10 (in the beginning my left eye got blurry, but fast after it went away)
Enlargement: GOOD! (natural bigger eyes, without having a BUG effect haha)
Color: Very nice! (natural)
I'm very satisfied with them, i really am ^_^

You can buy them here and with every order you will also get a cute lens case :-)

Also they offer a great deal online:
Pinky Valentine Special Deal!

'Buy 2 pair of circle lenses and get 1 pair of pink color circle lens (0 power) for free'
click here for the deal

I will review the BB cream from skin79 a little bit later and the eye treatment also later.
(i want to do a proper review about both of them)(really test them good)


  1. It looks really good on you!
    I think I might consider getting them~~

  2. I saw your photo in the Soompi Circle Lenses thread and had to come here to comment~
    Initially i thought they were your REAL eye colors because they suit you so well!
    And I'm loving your hair style~it's so adorable! <3

  3. within one week i received the items ^_^