Tag: eleven things

I have been tagged :-O by Amy-Denise…i LOVE TAGS…so i thank you Denise!!

It's called the "eleven things"
Meaning you have to tell 11 fact about yourself, answer 11 questions that the tagger asked you, ask 11 questions to the persons you want to tag and tag 11 questions.

So, here goes:

11 random facts about me:

- work -a- hollic
- creative
- weird
- funny (sometimes :P )
- nerd
- best friend is my mom
- love for cuteness
- i have a lot of hobbies
- i look a lot like my mom (appearance and inner)
- clean freak
- love for shoes and bags

11 questions asked by Amy-Denise.

- Which items you will find the most in your closet?
Warm sweaters ^_^

- Is music an important role in your life?
It used to be, but nowadays days could pass and i haven't listen to any music at
all…then i realize it and listen to some music :P

- What is your dream holiday?
Shopping in New york, Tokio, London and Paris ^_^ with a a lot of money haha.

- Is there a person you can't life without?
Yes, my mother. I love her very deeply, she's my everything ^_^

- Do you support a good cause?
No..sorry! Don't trust many!

- Do you make good resolutions and do you follow them?
Not at new years, but true out the year i try and sometimes i succeed.

- Fav snack?
White chocolate twix ^_^

- Dreamjob?
just being successful at something.

- Pc or mac?

- Which social networks do you have?
Twitter and Facebook but i don't do anything with it

- Do you have a fav number?
yes, number 2

11 facts/questions i want to ask to the persons i'm going to tag:
(this is going to be hard…i suck at asking things..dunno what to ask)

*few hours later*

- Describe your personality.
- What is your fashion style?
- Do you have any hobbies?
- Name one thing you like about yourself.
- Name one thing you dislike about yourself
- How many bags do you own?
- Do you have a pet?
- What do you do for a living?
- Who is your best friend (if you have a best friend, otherwise the closest friend you have)
- How much time in a day do you spend on your blog?
- Why do you have a blog?

Well, deep questions right?

Oke i'm only going to tag a few persons and if anyone wants to do this tag…i tag YOU!!

- Andrew
- Suzanne
- Vonnie
- Marijke
- Les & Es
- Remkje
- Liesewiesje
- Tugce


  1. Oh ik sta er tussen! Haha, zal hem gelijk even doen! :) (maar staat er morgen dan pas op wss.) Dankjewel!