Shopping haul + Outfit of the day

Oeeewww...i have been shopping again ^_^
I only wanted to go to the action, because i needed printing paper and wanted to see if they had any other nice cheap stuff (haha lol)
...before i knew it i was shopping in other stores haha lol...i'm such a wait...i'm such a sale-a-holic ^_^
I just love sale and the further the sale...the cheaper the items get ^_^ and if you're lucky they also have your size.

It makes me so happy, can't help it!

Ok on to the items that i bought, shall we?

First of all...i bought printing paper haha lol...
oke that's boring.

At Vila they had a huge sale going on.

Chino pants €7,- each...i was being a cheap ass and i was like...i'm only going to fit one color and if i like it..only buy one color...and then i fitted and i was like..omg i actually like it.
(i always have problems with pants in stores, that's why i made my own pants)
Then i was like...well...for only €7,- i can also buy the 2 other colors and i'm so happy that i did!

I searched for the official picture of the pants, because i'm not very good at photographing pants, but i must say the pants on the model (below) fit different then they fit me, i don't like them very much on the model.

Oh well, you get the idea of chino pants.

They also had a very good deal with the accessories.
3 socks or panties for €5,-
I bought 5 over the knee socks and one maillot total €10,- (€1,66 each)

Off white, nude color, black,

2x blue and one blue maillot.

Belts 2 for €5,-

This plaid make up purse €3,33

Reminds me of Ralph Lauren ^_^

Cheap right? I'm so happy with all.

At New Yorker i bought these half mittens for €1,-

(they match perfectly with my black/white deer scarf)

At the kruidvat i saw this really cute little suitcase from Hello Kitty with candy for €2,99
(don't care much about the candy haha, i like the little suitcase so's sooo cute)

Here's my outfit of the day, i'm wearing my new deer cardigan i bought at the boy children department from h&m LOL

I kinda dressed like a boy, but tried to make it girlie with the necklace hahaha lol...ooh well.


  1. Leuke aankoopjes weer! Mooie outfit, dat vest is echt heel erg cute.

  2. I love this outfit and all you bought!

    Really nice Blog!I'm your follower!
    I would be honored if you followed me back:)

    Great kiss