Shopping haul + Outfit of the day

Today i went shopping...on my own :-O

But before that there's a story to be told, in a short period i saw a lot of my home town.
I walked to the nearest subway (15min walk) because in the Netherlands if you want to ride the bus, subway ect you need a card for it...i have a card...but there was no money on that card i had to walk to the nearest subway to put some money on that card.
I took the subway for a short time to go to the stores.
After my little shopping spree i went walking to the subway again to take a bus to the grocery store, run some arons and toke the bus home again.
haha i've walked a lot today, but i didn't mint at all ^_^ felt good...fresh air :P whaha

While i was having a shopping spree on my own...i bought a lot of nice things for cheap prices ^_^

This is what i bought at h&m:

Dark orange sweater for only €3,-

Blue chino shorts with belt only €5,-

(see...they look a lot like the chino's (full pants) i made myself, but these are shorts...with cheaper haha)

Preppy grandpa scarf :P Only €3,-

Hand gloves €1,- (we have the matching scarf bought i thought 2 weeks ago)

Handwarmers €1,-

Checkered hair bow tiara €1,- (from the children department haha)

Checkered hair clips €1,- and also from the children department.

At the Vero Moda store they had a great sale deal going on 'second item for only €1,-'
so i looked and saw 2 coats that i really reall realllyyyyyyy wanted soooo badly!!
I saw these coats 2 weeks ago, but one of them wasn't available in my i got sad...coz i wanted them so badly.
TODAY...there were only 2 left..both the same size...the size that i needed...woohoo YAAAY

They were on sale for €30,- each, with this extra sale deal..the second item for €1,-
so for €31,- i got these 2 coats ^_^ hihi €15,50 each :-D YAAY!
I love these collage coats :-D

I also bought a double wrap scarf and knee socks €8,- (€4,- each)

I'm really happy with my new clothes and stuff ^_^

When i was walking to the subway i started to vlog with my sony bloggie...and i had a blast doing that...felt comfortable talking to a camera and i was talking all kinds of nonsense haha...BUT...i uploaded the clips...and i can't hear what i'm saying....because of the wind blowing so hard true every video clip
Now the video clips are useless :-(
*must cry a little now* I was so proud of myself that i were vlogging and felt comfortable doing it.
Oh well!

Here's my outfit of the day, i'm wearing my new sweater ^_^ one entered the Vivi clothes giveaway yet...i don't understand...doesn't anyone want's to win €15,- shopping money?

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