Room changed a bit & new Make up

Yesterday i cleaned my room and also changed it a bit, now i'm satisfied ^_^
(i thought it would be nice to add a vintage effect to the photo's)

Remember my article about FOGAN Cosmetics last year?
The cheapest make up online store from the Netherlands, everything cost only €0,99!!

I have got a lot of new beauty stuff from Fogan. ^_^
The next few weeks i'm going to post every day something that i got/swatches/photo's/looks/ect from Fogan Cosmetics.

Today i will show you the lip products that i got:

Fogan Cosmetics Lipgloss no.12 & 13

Fogan Cosmetics Lipsticks no.1, 2 & 14

Nice colors right...only €0,99 cheap is that?
The now offer a lot more products than last year, more colors to choose from, more products it's really nice and so cheap!!
(and good quality i must say)

(The giveaway is coming soon, so stay tuned if you want to win something really awesome and i must say i've NEVER EVER had such GREAT giveaway with lots and lots of stuff)

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