Outfit of the day, video & GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!

This is going to be a very random post haha.
(just so you know)

Here's my outfit of the day, i have worn my precious new boots today ^_^

Well, i got some exiting news for my readers...a sudden GIVEAWAY!!!!

Oh yesh, Vivi Clothes is giving me the change to give one of my readers €15,- to spend in their online store!
How great is that?? I'm so happy that they want me to host this, i really want to make a reader of this blog very happy ^_^

Rules to enter:

You must Like, follow or be a member of hyves to enter this giveaway:
- LIKE Vivi clothes on facebook! Link here --> click to like
- FOLLOW Vivi clothes on twitter! Link here --> Click to follow
- Be a member true HYVES! Link here --> Click for hyves

- Add a comment in this blog post why i should give you the €15,- shopping money.

Giveaway will end on 17 Januari 2012.

That's it!!
You have to comment, otherwise i will not know who's entering this giveaway and i will keep the money myself hahaha LOL!

(BTW: this isn't the giveaway i was writing about early today and yesterday, the other giveaway is coming soon!)

Ok, today my mom and i did some grocery shopping today and i brought my pink sony bloggie with me....why? I really wanted to try vlogging again. (and wanted to play with pink bloggie)
I've been trying vlogging many times but i always fail big time...it feels awkward talking to a camera, but today i thought...maby it wouldn't feel so awkward if my mom is next to me. :P
So here's the video, i'm talking dutch..coz..well..would be kind off weird if i talk english while grocery shopping in the netherlands :/
(very boring in the beginning and probably not interesting for others to watch..haha oh well)

That's it for today, oh wait...i've been nominated for 'outfit of the month' at the Cosmogirl site. This week i'm 'outfit of the week' ^_^
I thought at the end of the month you can vote which of the 4 outfits you like the most.
(pretty please do vote for me at the end of this month????)
Here is the site --> CLICK TO SEE

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  1. Well since you said nobody entered your giveaway I'll enter! I liked them on fb / twitter :)

    vonnie <3