Oh yes...my precious...& other stuff

Omg you guys...i bought something that i really wanted for a long time, but never knew what brand they were or how they were called.

I present to you my precious Red Wing Boots ^_^

Nice ey?
Well, there's a story behind it...waiting to be told:
Once upon a time a girl named Noukster was watching her favourite soap on tv and saw a girl character with really nice boots (probably red wing boots).
Noukster was searching in store's for those same boots, but only could find really ugly cheap ass ones.
So after searching and not finding all hope was lost and Noukster spends a few years living without those boots she wanted so badly. *drama queen*
A few weeks ago a little birdie came to Noukster and told her they were called engineer boots from the brand 'Red Wing', so Noukster got some hope again and searched those boots online.
After a lot of googlĂ©ing, Noukster's excitement went down hill...they were tooo expensive (€299,-) and nowhere to be found with a great discount.
So all hope was lost again....until yesterday.
She went shopping with here parents and after that they went to a big store and she saw the perfect pair (color) red wing boots for €119,-
She almost fainted when she saw the price tag and bursted into tears...'finally me and my precious are together'
While jumping up and down of excitement she fitted the boots and bought her perfect pair of boots...and they lived happily ever after...the end.

Wauw, great story right? LOL off course i overdone the story, but i thought it gives a fun touch to it :P

Anywho, i'm extremely happy with my boots and i finally found the boots i wanted so badly for a super great price.
I know i said that i didn't wanted to spend money on myself so much anymore, but if i didn't bought these i would regret it so much.
(does not make any sense, i just could not resist the great deal on them LOL)
I'm so happy :-D

While we were shopping yesterday at some stores they have a huge sale on christmas items (same as last year) and in one particular store the sale goes up to 70% off all christmas items.
Wich means you only pay 30% of the original price (which is really cheap).
I saw some old vintage looking boxes that i really liked:

I don't know what these boxes have to do with christmas, but they were 70% off and i really like it. Fits into my room ^_^ (theme)

Yesterday evening my mother and i were making baby cupcakes for someone who buys them from us.
(yep, that's right...we occasionally have an order in cakes and cupcakes)

I think they turned out so cute ^_^

Also i tried the hello kitty cupcake mold that my sister gave me.
There's some cupcake mix left, so i pored it into the mold and here's the result:

CUTE...but...next time i need to press the dough more into the mold so the face will show up more.
But for now...how cute does it look right?
Cuttie hello kitty cupcake's :-D

I want to announce something that you all might really like.
I'm hosting a GREAT giveaway very very soon!! It has something to do with beauty and lot's, lot's of products to win!
So if you want to enter...keep coming back here. :P

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