Hello kitty cupcake molds

My sister came home yesterday from a month long traveling true Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia with her friend.
In the evening she stopped by at our place and look what she gave me...

Hello kitty cupcake molds :-D

*omg how cute* Cute right? I'm so happy with it, can't wait to try them.
I think i'm going to try them tomorrow ^_^
Sweet sister ^_^ *i thank you* <3

Nail polish of the day:
Catrice: 560 Rusty But Sexy.
(don't really know what's sexy about it, but mmkay!)

I didn't expect that i would love this color so much on my nails, but i do...i have a lot of clothes that would fit perfectly with it ^_^

This morning i woke up very very veeerrryyy early and Toby was being so cute...look:

That's it :P


  1. Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia! :D
    Glad you like it!

  2. Wat schattig van Hello Kitty!

  3. Ahwww, what a cute photo from your dog :)