Doll photography & new items

I love site's such as tumblr, pinterest ect for searching inspiration pictures.
Last time i really got into searching dolls, such as pullip and i got so in the mood for photographing my own dolls again.
Almost forgot how much i liked it.

So i searched up some dolls and see if my photography skills were improved in the last years.

She's such a cute doll.

I think the photo's turned out really nice ^_^

(most of the photo's are too big for this blog layout, so if you want to see full size *right mouse as new page*)

New stuff from this week.

I ordered something at the gap store, they had sale...but so many of the items were not in my size available, but when you register they give you a discount.
I ordered this nice dark red hoodie ^_^

Today i bought the perfect riding boots...yaaay...they are still a bit wide for me, but not so wide that my other leg can fit in it as well haha lol.



  1. Die eerste is echt schattig!

    xx Katy ^^!

  2. Love the photos. The models are wonderful. Love your blog.