COOKIES & Fogan cosmetics

This morning in felt like baking something and saw that we still had a package of making gingerbread men cookies and made some photo's.

Alright, lets get started, the only thing that needs to be added 75ml water.

Ready to go into the oven.

Out of the

Ok..done! Looks nice right?

But...the big question do they taste?

...they taste like CRAP!!!!!

They don't even taste like (in dutch..taai taai) gingerbread...i don't even know what they taste like :-(
So my cookie making is ONE BIG FAIL! haha lol.

Oh well.

Part no.6 Fogan Cosmetics
Today i will show you the last items that i received:

Nail polish 9 pcs.

Color no.19, 21 & 23

Color no.09, 04 & 18

Color no.16, 02 & 05

Crack nail polish:
Color no.06 & 31

Color no.37,52 &65

Also only €0,99 cents each!
Check out their website at <-click

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