Amsterdam shopping haul

My mom and i went shopping in Amsterdam yesterday and we had so much fun :D
The day was very very nice and we shopped and shopped and were a SO TIRED.
We went by train, around 10:00 in the morning we arrived and left 10 minutes over 18:00 hours.
Woehaa...we walked miles and miles haha.
My mom and i are unstoppable :P

First i will show what i bought.

At C&A they had an extra 25% off the sale.

Cute knee socks, 3 pairs for €5,- minus 25% now €3,75

I can't get the right color on photo but it's red/orange maillot also €3,75

Suspenders (braces) also €3,75

(oh god, you don't know how LONG i wanted suspenders...could not find nice pairs anywere...until yesterday )

Orange/red longsleeve €2,25

At the sting i saw a blue coat from the brand Miss America for only 15,- (winter coat with 50% wool) They only had one in blue...size XS...and now it's MINE wwoohoooo...I'M SOOOO HAPPY WITH THIS COAT!!!!!!!!
I call it...the paddington bear coat LOL

Look at the pretty details


Floral blouse from Sutherland €5,-

At Zara i bought a real leather purse...for...only...€20,- OMG yaaaaaay!!

The camel light brown is leather and the dark color is cotton.
This was such a GREAT DEAL...only 20,- for a leather purse and such a pretty one ^_^

Nice and cheap bought right?

Here are some random photo's i made from Amsterdam (well, as long as i'm there...why not play for a tourist :P)

haha lol

This was at such a nice café. Old fashioned café, with book store.

Off course we also went to the pc hoofdstraat. See all the expensive brand stores.

..and Chanel off course, it's standard now to visit the chanel store were my mother's chanel purse came from ^_^
(for who that doesn't april 2 years ago i bought a chanel 2.55 purse for my mother birthday and i'm still proud that i bought and gave it to my mother)

my mother drooling over all the Chanel goods :P

Back in the train with food and drinks.


We really had such lovely day with each other, we kinda always do but this was one of those special days when we had extra fun

Day before yesterday evening we made some petite fours and bonbon's
These are the one's i made:

and the total photo also with bonbon's we made:

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