Sale addict

Well, i know for sure were i got my sale shopping addiction from....
My mom went to the h&m today (actually yesterday..but who's counting) and she got so exited there, she called me and asked if i were interested in very cheap sale discount chic black coat, plaid shorts, plaid skirt and blue scarf.
I was like "ehh...YEAH!"
So after my mom's little shopping spree she got home and she brought some amazing things for herself and for me ^_^

Chique black coat from sale price €20,- minus 20% for €16,-

Blue & red scarf (sort of the same as the red i got this week) Sale price €10,- minus 20% €8,-

Brown plaid shorts Sale price €10,- minus 20% €8,-

and a mid long skirt, the same fabric as the shorts.
(can't find the picture of it and camera's battery is charging)
Also €8,-


My mother got a really nice off white blazer with black neckline,

an off white spender
(can't find the picture of it)

and a beautiful dress

All items are from h&m.

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